May 16, 2018

Getting ready to add a few rare blocks of Burmese Teak to the website out of legendary woodturner Jerry Glaser’s private stash

We've had these conveniently hidden in the back of the showroom for a while but figured it was time to list them since so many of you have been asking for thicker turning blanks in Teak. 

We are guessing Jerry purchased the stock in the early to mid 1960's based on various finished bowls we've seen or heard about in private collections (see second image of a bowl we found on @ayersfan page) 

Hope to have the billets up by the weekend. In case you are wondering, last image is of Jerry Glaser, Sam Maloof and TEH owner Mitch Talcove during one of our last visits to Sam's shop before he passed. 

Sam's leaning on a blank of Masur Birch from Finland that Mitch gave him to experiment with. Not sure if he ever had a chance to make something out of it. 

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