Sep 23, 2017

Chak te Koke (Redheart) bowl blanks!

We sure do love finding old stashes of wood!

Here's some Cocobolo glued up backs by world famous classical and flamenco guitar luthier Jose Oribe (matching sides also available!) 

Contact us directly and ask to speak to Mitch if interested 760.268.1080 

Sep 22, 2017

Asian Striped Ebony! True Ebony species for only $35/BF! Down to our last 200 board feet, pick some up before we sell out!

NEW batch of "Variety Lumber" Packs now out in the showroom and up on the website!

Roughly 10-12 BF of assorted 4/4 exotics for $190 (includes shipping anywhere in the USA!) 

All pieces surfaced on both sides and labeled. Perfect for intarsia, box making, cutting boards, segmented turning and other woodworking projects.

A favorite among our customers (One of our BEST SELLERS!) See link in our Instagram bio or order online 

***NEW "Half Packs" now available!***