Apr 6, 2017

Here's a unique one: Unfinished 3/4" Bloodwood (Satine) frames!

These all recently came in as a trade and although we'd usually pass on something like this, the quality of the wood was just too nice. 

We believe these were originally built as frames for large speakers (note the slight angle at the joints) but we think they could easily be reused and modified into a small tabletops or just milled up and used in smaller projects such as cutting boards or jewelry boxes. 

It's amazing how much wood like this gets thrown away or forgotten when projects get put on hold. 

Contact us directly or see our website for more info (tehwoods.com 760.268.1080) 

<<<There's also a handful of Cocobolo, Pau Ferro, Oak and Ebonized Oak frames in the batch as well>>> 

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