Dec 7, 2016

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, here's an image of some of the teak decking off of the USS Battleship "California" (BB-44) that we had in stock a few years back

It was an honor being able to supply such historical wood to various memorial and museums throughout the country as well as several individuals who had relatives who served during the attack on Pearl Harbor. 

Definitely one of the most memorable batches of wood that we've ever come across!


Here's a little background on the battleship: Commissioned in 1919

Scrapped 1959

Attacked and sunk at Pearl Harbor in 1941

Raised and repaired a year later and went on to be used in WWII and Korea

Teak was cut over 100 years ago! 

(In case you are wondering, all stock has been sold. Sorry) 

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