Aug 10, 2016

Solid Lignum Vitae Desk!

Ever watch the AMC television series Better Call Saul?

If so, remember when Jimmy McGill mentioned he wanted to one day own a solid Cocobolo desk?

Well this desk by one of our customers completely blows that idea out of the water!

Made out of different true Lignum Vitae subspecies that Chris has collected over the years, the desk measures roughly 99" x 35" x 29" and weighs approximately 800 pounds!

95% of the desk is made out of a mix of Guaiacum officinale and Guaiacum sanctum (native to the Dominican Republic). The drawer faces are Guaiacum coulteri (Mexico) and the drawer handles are Guaiacum angustifolium (true Lignum Vitae species that is native to southern Texas and surround parts of northern Mexico. Yup that wasn't a typo, Lignum Vitae grows in Texas!)


Also as a friendly FYI please note that in order to be TRUE Lignum Vitae "Guaiacum" needs to be listed as the genus. So If you've been purchasing "Argentine Lignum Vitae" (Bulbesia sarmientoi) and think you have the real deal, we are sorry to break the news to you.

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