Aug 14, 2016

Parota: Acacia-like appearance at an economical price!

A couple of years ago @archdigest showcased the homes of George Clooney and Cindy Crawford which included several detailed photos of Parota cabinetry and furniture. Ever since that issue, it seems as though the demand for Parota slabs and lumber has increased immensely in both residential and commercial projects and we are finding more and more clients choosing Parota over more traditional woods such as Walnut and Mahogany.

Here's an image from the issue that we get emailed over and over again.

What do you think? Like the look of Parota and interested in using it in your next house remodel, restaurant, brewery or line of custom furniture?

If so, contact us directly to find out more about our sawmill direct pricing on both Parota slabs and lumber!
(NEW load from our sawmill in Mexico set to arrive this week!)

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