Aug 16, 2016

50 year-old reclaimed Mahogany! Check out these unique shelves @chastaincreations made for local coffee shop @leapcoffee (Pretty neat looking wood, don't you think?)

This particular batch of Mahogany was imported into the country in the 1960's by the (one of the premier guitar making schools in the country)

After changing hands a few times (and laying out in the Arizona sun for well over 20 years) we were offered the stock a few years ago.

This 8/4 lumber came to us pretty oxidized and weathered but as you can see by the picture, the pieces do clean up beautifully once surfaced and finished.

Along with the lumber, we also received a variety of other neat pieces in the load: buttress root slabs (over 60 slabs in unique shapes and sizes), 3,000 BF of large 4-5 inch thick weathered beams, stumps/logs and more.

It's been a lot of fun seeing our clients get creative and use this material in an assortment of different projects: guitars, wood wall cladding, free form sculptures, conference room tables, fireplace mantles, segmented woodturning, dining tables, bartops, exhibition booth displays, knife scales, surfboard fins, interior trim work in luxury cars, etc. The list goes on and on!

Like the look of this wood and want to use some in your next project?
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