Oct 2, 2015

Cuban Mahogany rocking chair by customer Ed Kreusser!

Wood salvaged from naturally felled trees during Hurricane Hugo (Dominican Republic 1989) 

If you've ever wondered what the rarest wood in the wood is, true Cuban Mahogany (not plantation grown) is definitely towards the top of the list. 

Commercially unavailable for close to 100 years, lumber from this particular batch of Cuban Mahogany was used in restoration projects in the White House, New York City Hall, the Smithsonian and the America's Cup "J" Class yacht "Endeavour".  

Although we don't have any more Cuban Mahogany available for sale, we did manage to keep a "little chunk" of wood to add to the company's private collection (one slab measuring 2" x 24" x 137"). 

This slab has been featured in several woodworking magazines/blogs and is believed to be the largest single piece of Cuban Mahogany in existence (not for sale, sorry). 

Amazing piece Ed, thanks for sending us the picture of your beautiful chair!

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