Jul 16, 2011

Large Walnut Crotch Slab Available!

We wanted to give all our blog followers and facebook friends advanced notice on a neat Walnut slab that will be added to our website within the next week.

A customer of ours purchased this large Bastogne Walnut crotch slab roughly a year ago to use as a tabletop but ended up using a different piece of wood for the project instead. Recently he asked us to help him sell it here at the shop.

Large figured Walnut slabs are tough to find, so we know many of you will be excited about this one!

Some information on the Walnut slab-

roughly-49" at the narrowest, 67" at the widest, 65" long and 2 3/4" thick
(Probably figure 2" when completely flattened)

The pictures below show the slab unsurfaced and in the rough when in first arrived at our shop about a year ago. The customer has since had the slab partially flattened and has allowed it to dry in a solar kiln for about six months to a year. The slab has moved a bit during the drying process and will need to be resurfaced to make it completely flat again. (As mentioned above, plan on about a 2" finished thickness once it is re-sanded)

According to the customer, the slab is at about 14% moisture content(taken from three different places on the slab with a moisture meter at about a 1/2" depth). Plan on a little more moisture towards the core of the slab, but overall this a pretty dry for a slab for a chunk of Walnut this large.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to purchase the slab before we add it to the website.

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