Jul 11, 2011

Design in Wood-Sponsor's Choice Perpetual Trophy

The 2011 "Design in Wood" event organizer Bob Stevenson recently dropped off the "Sponsor's Choice" trophy to our shop.

The oak trophy, which was created by Bob many years ago, is presented annually in conjunction with the San Diego Fine Woodworkers to one lucky recipient during the "Design in Wood" exhibit at the San Diego county fair. The trophy is engraved with the names of past winners dating back to the mid 1980's and contains a neat 160 year old smooth plane donated by Bob himself! (see image below)

This year we were lucky enough to be chosen to present the "Sponsor's Choice" perpetual trophy and had the opportunity to select a piece of our choice that we thought displayed excellent craftsmanship and creative wood selection.

Although there were numerous pieces that caught our eye, Bob Marnul's highly figured cocobolo armoire definitely stood out among the rest. (see image below) Although we are suckers for Cocobolo, Bob's unique design was what really impressed us. Just beautiful bookmatched pieces of Cocobolo in an intricately designed yet somewhat functional piece of furniture, we just loved it!

The trophy will be on display at our shop until next year's exhibit, so please feel free to drop by the warehouse anytime to check it out in person.

Bob Stevenson and TEH owner Mitch Talcove
discussing this year's "Design in Wood" exhibit

c1850 Smooth Plane

This Year's Winner-
Bob Marnul's Cocobolo Armoire

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