Jun 28, 2011

Pieces by Barry Robin

Orange County native, Barry Robin has been a woodworker for close to 40 years.

Barry's introduction to fine woodworking came as a yacht carpenter, apprenticing under Don Fredrickson in Newport Beach. Wood turning and furniture design grew out of a need to express himself artistically while spending days in the engineering world.

Here are some amazing pieces by Barry out of wood purchased here at TEH. Most pieces are made using our high grade Mexican Cocobolo* and other hard to find species from around the world.

Amazing craftsmanship and design, don't you think?

*Several of Barry's jewelry boxes pictured below are made using some of our rare extra-wide pieces of Mexican Cocobolo.

To view some individual piece of extra-wide cocobolo listed on our online store, please click here.

Above is a gorgeous jewelery box out of Cocobolo.

Here is some wall art using Padouk and Pau Amarello (Yellowheart)

Bloodwood and Myrtle turned piece.

Another amazing jewelery box out of Cocobolo.

Parota hall table.

For more on Barry Robin and his artwork, please visit his website-


Click here to view more finished pieces by our customers. 

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