Jun 7, 2011

Don't miss the "Design In Wood" exhibit at this year's San Diego County Fair!

We will be presenting the "Sponsor's Choice" perpetual trophy at this year's "Design in Wood" exhibit.

This past Saturday we had the opportunity to stroll through the exhibit and get a sneak peek of all the neat pieces that will be on display this year.

Below is just a small sample of what will be at this year's show (we highly recommend attending if you are in the area!)

This exhibit will be running June 10th-July 4th
For more information, please visit-

For us, it's always great to see all the diverse woodworking talent and we always get a kick out of seeing our wood in finished pieces.

Although all the name tags were covered during the judging, we could identify a few of the designs the moment we walked in the door. Here is another great piece by our friend Terry Hanson.

Here is the front of the exhibit at the fairgrounds in sunny Del Mar, California.

There we are up on the wall!

Pretty much any woodworking genre is on display at this year's exhibit-woodturning, carving, furniture, you name it! It's all here for you to admire!

Here is a neat piece with some of our Buckeye burl as the base (I think the carved dolphins are out of our Goncalo Alves as well, but I am not 100% sure)

This is one of our favorites. As you all probably already know, we are suckers for good-looking pieces of Cocobolo. We started drooling when we saw this beauty!

Just look at the figure on the wood that was used in this cabinet, amazing!

Even the handles look good!

If you thought the outside looked good, wait until you look at the inside!

We will leave it at the that, you will have to drop by the show and check it out in person.

Just an amazing piece!

Woodturning as far as the eye can see!

That first one pictured above is by our good friend Pete Campbell, it measures about 20-24" in diameter and is about 1/8" thick all the way through!

More great turned pieces!

Here is a piece by our friend John Beaver out of our cocobolo. Make sure to check out his article in the latest issue of American Woodturner, I believe this piece is pictured.

Here is a piece using some of our Spalted Alder.

Lots of talented people out there!

Looks like someone got a hold of some of our USS battleship teak decking!

Neat piece!

How about this for a unique design?! Aptly named "A river runs through it"...

This piece is about 7' wide and 6' tall!

No shortage of fancy rocking chairs at this year's fair.

If guitars are your thing, plenty of those on display as well.

Here is the perpetual trophy we will be presenting to one lucky exhibitor (It will be on display at our shop after the fair along with a picture of the winning piece!)

Again, this year's exhibit will be a good one. If you can make it down to San Diego, make sure to drop by the fair and look at the pieces in person.

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