Mar 19, 2011

Down to the last 2 "Free Shipping" sales on our Parota Slabs

Our "Free Shipping" March special on our large Parota Slabs has been a big hit this month.

Many of you have picked 1 or 2 slabs (or in some cases even more) and have saved hundreds of dollars by having us ship it to you free of charge to your nearest freight dock.

This offer was for the first 10 Parota orders through the month of March (no limit on how many slabs per order) and we are now down to the last 2.

We just wanted to notify all of you who are still thinking about taking advantage of this month's special (we are still receiving several emails everyday about the special, so we know many of you are still interested)

To see images of our available Parota Slabs, click here.

If it is easier, feel free to call us directly (760.434.3030) and we can help you find a slab that will work for you and can confirm your free shipping.

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