Mar 3, 2011

Customer Project: Denise Oka's Parota Dining Table

Many of you have probably seen a picture of this tabletop posted on the "Slabs Page" of our website (see second image)

Customer Denise Oka had this gorgeous Parota Slab finished by Tassajara Designs nearly a year ago and since then has been busy creating a custom base to compliment the top.

Here are some images of her finished tabletop that she recently sent us.

At nearly 4 foot wide x 10 foot long, this Parota table should sit 8-10 people comfortably and has that highly desired organic "one-piece" look to it.

Cost is also worth noting on these great looking slabs. At nearly half the price of other comparable slabs, parota is just a fantastic option any way you look at it-

-Great color/grain
-Consistently available in large dimensions
-Easy workability
-Legally harvested sustainable species

March Special!

First 10 order of Parota Slabs (84" and longer) receive FREE SHIPPING to your nearest freight terminal!

-No limit to how many you can order! As long as at least one is over 84"-you get FREE SHIPPING!

-Feel free to include any smaller Parota Slabs (Rounds included) and piggyback on the FREE SHIPPING!

(Remember-We will still apply our 10% off the total cost for orders of 2 or more slabs)

Click here to see all available Parota slabs on the "Slabs Page" of our website.

View more finished pieces here in our customer gallery.

Contact us directly for more information 760-434-3030

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